Custard Powder Substitute – Great Options For Your Recipe

Been thinking of great options for a custard powder substitute?

A good custard dessert is always a treat. It serves as a great way to end your full course dinner.

Typically, custard powder is used to make sumptuous custard desserts. This starchy powder is available in other fruit flavors, as well, such as chocolate and vanilla.

But if you have no custard powder, then you may want to look for alternatives. Here are some options we have for you, so you can pick out the best substitute for custard powder that you can use. Let’s check them out below.

Custard Powder Substitute To Use

In case you can’t eat custard powder because of allergies, or you have run out of it, then you may want to look into some alternatives that you can use instead.

Typically, store-bought custard powder is available in grocery stores. It is made with riboflavin, salt, some flavors, and cornflour. 

But if you would rather use some substitutes, then here are some good options to consider.

1. Pastry Cream

Pastry Cream

If you run out of custard powder, pastry cream is a good choice to consider. It is typically made from sugar, cornstarch, milk, and eggs. 


If you are using pastry cream when you have no vanilla-flavored custard powder, then you can do so for making puddings or fillings. The best way to achieve a vanilla flavor to your pastry cream is by using real vanilla beans or vanilla extract. Cook it on a stove and let it cool, then this will help you achieve the vanilla flavor you want.

2. Pudding Mix

Pudding Mix

Another option for a custard powder substitute is pudding mix. If you have instant vanilla pudding mix at home, that’s even better. Just add the same amount of pudding mix as the amount of custard powder required in the recipe.


Pudding mix is fantastic for making baked goods, puddings, and sauces. You can also use chocolate or plain pudding mix and add the same amount as the vanilla custard powder.

3. Tapioca Pudding

Tapioca Pudding

Tapioca pudding has that silky smooth texture that serves as a natural thickener. It is even a healthier alternative to your usual custard powder. When you need to make cakes or fillings with a custard flavor, then tapioca pudding is a smart option to consider.


Just use the same amount of tapioca pudding. Adding some vanilla extract will also help to amplify the test even more.

4. Cornstarch


One of the ingredients of custard powder is cornstarch. So, if you don’t have custard powder but have some cornstarch lying around in the kitchen, then you can definitely use it as a substitute. 


Make a starchy thickener using cornstarch and add some vanilla extract for that rich taste. This works for making puddings, sauces, and cakes. 

5. Baking Soda

Although it is not quite a popular option, baking soda also works quite well as a substitute for custard powder. This component contains sugar crystals, which adds that unique flavor to your recipes.


Use equal parts of baking soda to custard powder. This ratio should work just fine – and perhaps a few drops of vanilla extract, too.

6. Water Chestnut

Bakers in need of a great substitute for custard powder use water chestnut in their recipes. This pretty much only has 4 ingredients – castor sugar, water chestnuts, and water chestnut flour. 


To use water chestnut as a custard powder substitute, simply make a batter by adding some boiling water. Then, let it cool to achieve a soft batter that you can use for your ice creams, cakes, and other desserts. 

7. Milk And Eggs

And lastly, you can use milk and eggs to create custard from scratch. It takes a bit more time to do this but with the simple ingredients that are readily-available in the kitchen, it should be easy to whip this one up.


Preheat the oven to 250 Fahrenheit and add 3 cups of milk to your saucepan. Heat the milk to below boiling temperature and let it cool for 5 minutes.

Beat the sugar, 4 large eggs, salt and vanilla extract until fully combined. Whisk this mixture with your milk. Pour hot water into your custard cups until it’s half an inch from the top and divide the mixture evenly. Bake for up to 25 minutes, let cool for 10 minutes, and it should be ready to use.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can you thicken custard when there’s no custard powder?

You can use cornstarch to make your liquid custard thicker. Add a tablespoon of cornstarch with a teaspoon of water to create a paste. Add only a minimal amount and slowly into the custard while whisking over low heat until it gets thicker.

Another option for a thickener is arrowroot. Create a slurry using arrowroot powder with milk or water. Then, pour into your custard, whisk over low heat and turn the heat off when you have reached your preferred consistency.

2. How can you make custard powder using cornstarch?

You only need 3 simple ingredients to make custard powder using cornstarch. This includes cornstarch, powdered milk, and vanilla sugar. If you want it to achieve a yellow color, then adding powdered yellow food coloring should work fine.

Combine all ingredients in a food processor. Blend it up for 10 seconds and transfer to an airtight container. Then, you can use it as your custard powder.

Bottom Line

custard powder substitute

Custard powder substitutes come in different kinds – which is great news if you need this ingredient but without one available in the kitchen. If you have milk and eggs, cornstarch, tapioca pudding, and a few other ingredients we mentioned in this list, then you should be all set.

So now, you can easily make custard powder with simple ingredients and achieve the flavor and texture you want for your recipe!

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