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You can contact me all sorts of ways:

[email protected]

and to my kids horror…

twitter & facebook

A side note: Over two years ago when I started my blog, there was an unexpected benefit I never knew about… friends!!! Through my blog, I’ve met lots and lots of people I actually consider my friends. People I converse with… over the phone, Twitter, Facebook, and [gasp!] snail mail.

What I’m trying to say is, surprisingly enough, I like making friends and some other bloggers have been known to call me (Not-So) Evil Chef Mom. I respond to my emails, once and awhile Twitter (for someone who’s talkative, it’s hard to do things in 140 characters or less) and I will sheepishly admit I really, really, I mean really, like Facebook. I’d let it get to second base with me but it’s illegal in 32 states and Rich, my husband, would be jealous. And plus with all the other Facebook users out there I’m sure I would pick up some virus. So in other words if you want an answer to something about my blog or recipe the quickest way to me is through here. Just leave a comment on the discussion board, I’ll get back to you.

updated: or you can become a fan on facebook (i hate this term, so imagine a big eye roll when i say this). there’s no pressure or commitment to become a friend.