Vidalia Onions Substitute – Your Best Options

In need of the best vidalia onions substitute?

If you are looking into creating the best recipe that calls for vidalia onion, yet you don’t have this ingredient – don’t fret – there are options to consider.

A good vidalia onion substitute can easily enhance your meals without any problem. This is why we would like to present to you some amazing options in place of a vidalia onion, which would complement your recipe perfectly well. Let’s get started!

Substitute For Vidalia Onions

Before let’s go right ahead and talk about the best substitute for vidalia onions, it may be worth talking a bit about this type of onion and what’s so good about it.

First of all, it is a Southern onion with a sweet flavor. It’s got a mild flavor that makes it absolutely excellent for anything. 

vidalia onions substitute

The sugar content, however, is a bit high, which explains the sweet flavor. This onion grows in Vidalia, a place in Georgia, with very low sulfur content that keeps the flavor sweet instead of sharp.

The onion is not acidic or pungent, and you can add it to sandwiches, salsas, salads, and raw. Moreover, the vidalia is a sweet yellow onion but with a sweeter taste. In fact, it has 12 percent sugar unlike the typical 5 percent in other types of onion.

Because of the mild taste that vidalia onions have, you can use it raw without the overwhelming flavor. 

But if you don’t have vidalia onions available, you may be wondering – what is the best vidalia onion substitute that won’t alter the flavor of your recipe significantly?

There are a few options that count as great alternatives such as the Maui and Walla Walla onions.

Here are a few more to consider – and some tips on how to substitute them for vidalia onions.

1. White Onions

Although white onions are not as sharp or intensely-flavored as red ones, they are not as sweet as vidalia onions. Yet, you can expect a bit of a similar flavor profile from white onions, nonetheless. 

How to Substitute

To substitute white onions for vidalia, measure the same amount, yet add it in a gradual manner. With this gradual addition, this should not overpower the final taste of your recipe.

2. Garlic

First thing to know about garlic is that raw cloves of garlic have a much stronger flavor than vidalia onions. The shape is also smaller, and of course, the garlic smell is evident, as well as the taste. 

How to Substitute

If you plan on using garlic instead of vidalia, you can use a teaspoon of roughly chopped fresh garlic for your two bulbs of fresh vidalia. 

3. Potato onions

Potato onions have a medium-sized appearance and have a gentle smell and flavor than garlic. These are often used for pickles, mixed greens, stews, and soups. There is no need to change the amount of potato onions – a one-is-to-one ratio for vidalia onions should be fine.

How to Substitute

One bulb of vidalia onion would need the same amount of potato onion. The flavor of the latter is sweet but not too much. You can also refer to the video below on how to use potato onion in your recipe.

4. Shallots

This is a type of onion that looks like a stretched onion. The flavor is mild with a slight hint of garlic taste. You can also use the same amount of shallot for substituting for vidalia onion. With the pleasant flavor you get from broiling it, it is a great way to prepare this food. Just don’t eat them raw because of the very strong flavor profile.

How to Substitute

A medium-sized shallot is what you need for two tiny stalks of vidalia onions. You can learn more about how to use it from this video:

5. Walla walla onions

As we have mentioned earlier, walla walla is a common substitute for vidalia onions. They are also common in the United States, and the flavor is sweet but with minimal zest and sharpness. These onions also look a little similar to vidalia, in addition to the similarity in the flavor.

How to Substitute

Use one-half to one full spoon of walla walla as a substitute to a bulb of vidalia onions. If you prefer, a smaller amount may be used to reduce the flavor or smell. 

Here’s what to expect from walla walla onions in terms of flavor and smell:

6. Yellow onions

And then we have the yellow onions. You can use these as an alternative to vidalia since the flavor is nearly the same but with less water content. This is why this onion is a bit drier, which is why adding a bit more fluid to the other ingredients should be ideal.

How to Substitute

A bulb of yellow onion is what you need for two tiny bulbs of vidalia onions. You can also add less, depending on the flavor profile you prefer. Here’s more on how to prepare yellow onions to make amazing recipes:

7. Chives

These green vegetables feature a mild flavor almost similar to an onion flavor. They have long green stems and the flavor is not strong or pungent at all. Because they are mildly-flavored than vidalia, you need to add a bit more to your recipe if you are using them as a substitute.

How to Substitute

When using the dried variety of vidalia onion in a recipe, you should be able to use a stalk of fresh chives as an alternative. If you put a lot of it, this may alter the flavor too much and won’t taste as good.

Check out these tips on how to use chives in your recipes:

8. Scallions

When it comes to flavor, there is not a whole lot of difference between a scallion and a vidalia onion. The flavor is mild, as well as the smell. This is why you can easily substitute scallions for vidalia onions. 

You can choose to cook the scallion or eat it raw. It is a versatile vegetable, which is why you can use it in any dish you prefer.

How to Substitute

When using scallions as a vidalia onion substitute, simply cut the leaves in half, which helps to boost the fragrance. A stalk of vidalia onion will require three scallion bulbs. 

Thinking of the right way to chop scallions? Here’s a helpful video for you:

9. Spring Onion

Last but not least, we have spring onions. These are reaped right before the bulb has expanded, which explains the slim and long tops that they have. You can eat the white bulb whether cooked or raw.

As for the flavor, it is almost similar to what you can expect from vidalia onions but somewhat milder. The bulbs have a sweet and fresh taste that you will love. Go for perky, bright green-colored leaves without any spots on the bulbs.

How to Substitute

Use half the amount of spring onion than what you need for vidalia. This should help you to achieve a similar flavor without any overpowering taste or smell at all.

Find out more about the best way to use spring onion from this video:


1. Are vidalia onions the same as sweet onions?

Vidalia onions are sweet, yet not exactly like sweet onions. There is a difference between the two even if the flavor is similarly sweet.

2. Are Vidalia Onions Yellow Onions?

It is true that vidalia onions are a type of yellow onions. However, they are not quite the same since vidalia has a higher sugar content than yellow onions. The flavor is also milder and much better than others. 


substitute for vidalia onions

Vidalia onions are sweet, mildly-flavored, and tasty onions you can use in a number of recipes. We hope our list of substitute for vidalia onions has been helpful for you, so you can gather the right alternatives you can use for this ingredient while making sure your recipe turns out great!

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