What Herbs Go With Chicken? Great Options To Consider

Have you ever wondered – what herbs go with chicken?

Herbs add a unique flavor and depth to any dish. This is why if you are cooking chicken, then it is a good idea to add some herbs that will enhance the taste and aroma of your recipe. 

Another thing to know about herbs is that there are numerous health benefits in them. So, not only are you giving your tastebuds something to enjoy as you bite into your meals, but your health is also getting some benefits along the way.

So, if you are curious about the best herbs to use for your chicken recipes, keep reading to know more. Here are just some of the finest you can try that we know you will absolutely enjoy!

what herbs go with chicken

What Herbs Go With Chicken

Are you fond of chicken recipes? If you like to eat them just as much as you make them, then you are probably on the lookout for great herbs that you can use for these dishes. This is why we have gathered our top picks for the best herbs that go with chicken, which we highly recommend for you.

1. Rosemary

This is the most popular choice of folks who want to use the finest herbs for their chicken recipes. What we like about rosemary is that the flavor is pungent and strong – a perfect fit for your poultry. You may have known that rosemary is more common in various cuisines including Italian and Mediterranean, and it is best used for grilled or roasted poultry.

Whether you use this herb dried or fresh, it is completely up to you since either one is amazing. However, we suggest that you add it into your dish close to the end of the cooking process. Otherwise, the flavor may be lost and not as prominent.

2. Sage

Another fantastic herb that pairs amazingly well with chicken is sage. Just like rosemary, it is common in Mediterranean and Italian cuisine, and you can use it either fresh or dried. We also recommend it for your grilled chicken recipes for a stronger, bolder taste profile.

3. Thyme

When you want to accentuate the flavor of your poultry dish, then thyme should be perfect. What we like most about this herb is its earthy flavor. It is also quite delicate and not at all more prominent than the rosemary or the sage. However, you will still enjoy the mild taste it offers that will make your recipes more fascinating and enjoyable.

4. Parsley

If you have eaten parsley raw before, you will know that it has a somewhat bitter flavor to it. There is also a freshness to this herb, which is why you will love it as a complement to your chicken. You can also use this herb fresh for your stews but when it comes to grilled or roasted chicken, then you may want to sprinkle in some dried parsley. 

5. Basil

Do you wish you could give your chicken recipe an aromatic flavor? If so, then basil should easily do the trick. It is typical not only in Italian cuisine, but also in Southeast Asian recipes such as in Thailand and Vietnam. You will adore the somewhat peppery and sweet flavor of this herb, which is perfect for your chicken.

6. Oregano

Just like the parsley, oregano is a bit more bitter and stronger in flavor than the other herbs we have mentioned above. It is a typical add-on to chicken recipes in Mexico and Mediterranean regions, which use this herb for their cuisines. You can enjoy this herb in your recipes either dried or fresh.

7. Marjoram

And lastly, we have marjoram. This herb is quite a popular one in German and Mediterranean cuisines. You will love the great flavor that this has to offer, which is quite delicate with a hint of bitterness to it. Add it to your grilled or roasted chicken, and it surely will not disappoint.

How To Use Herbs For Chicken Recipes

Now that you know more about the best herbs that go with chicken, you are probably wondering how you can actually add these into your recipe. Here are a few suggestions that may come in handy.

1. Marinate

Before cooking your chicken, you can add some herbs to your oils and liquid seasonings such as tamari, lemon juice, and the like. Among the best herbs that you can use for your marinade include oregano, thyme, basil, and rosemary. We recommend using the dried variety of these herbs to further infuse the flavor in your marinade.

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2. Rub

If you are grilling chicken, then you may want to rub some herbs on it to enhance its flavor and aroma. The best herbs you can use for rubbing on your poultry include sage, rosemary, and thyme. But before rubbing the herbs, you need to first crush them in your hand. By doing so, you can release the oils that will add the flavor to your chicken.

3. Garnish

Part of the appeal when it comes to eating a chicken dish is the appearance. This is why you would want to garnish your meal with herbs that make it appear even more appetizing than it is. Some of the best garnishes for your chicken include cilantro, basil and parsley. Just chop up these herbs and then sprinkle over the poultry before serving.


There are many herbs that go well with chicken. The ones we have mentioned are among the popular ones, which you may want to try for your recipe. You can use the dried or fresh variety of these herbs, depending on the preparation process. 

Also, we suggest that you maintain the ideal ratio for your herbs and chicken. Using too much herbs may overpower your dish while putting too little does not make a difference. So, it is good to be aware of these things to ensure the best result you can possibly achieve for your recipes.

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