How To Keep Cilantro From Going Bad? Practical Tips To Know

Looking for ways on how to keep cilantro from going bad? 

Just like all fresh herbs, cilantro can be a challenge to keep fresh because of the delicate leaves. This is why you need to follow certain steps to make sure it is still safe to consume.

If you want to know how to retain the freshness of cilantro, or you want to find out what to do with cilantro before it goes bad, here are some tips that can be useful to follow. 

How To Keep Cilantro From Going Bad

If you want to retain the freshness of your cilantro, there are a few things you can do to keep it from turning bad.

Trim off the root and dry the leaves with a paper towel. Then, place the stems in your jar with some water. Then cover the leaves loosely with a plastic bag. This will help to seal the moisture in, and you can store it in your fridge for up to 2 weeks.

how to keep cilantro from going bad

It is important to note that you should not wash your cilantro before you store it this way. Moreover, you need to seal the jar with plastic to prevent the leaves from wilting. Secure the bag with a rubber band.

Here are a few other tips you can follow to make sure your cilantro stays fresh longer.

1. Refrigerate the cilantro.

You can preserve the herbs for a longer time if it stays nice and dry in a cool place. But at the same time, just keeping a bunch of these herbs into your fridge won’t cut it.

You should remove the roots about a couple of inches from the bottom. This will help the herbs to soak up as much water that’s needed when you put it in a jar.

Avoid tearing the cilantro when you cut. This can cause damage to the herb and make it prone to oxidation.

2. Soak up extra moisture.

Use paper towels to absorb as much moisture as possible. The goal is to make sure there is no excess water in it as this can cause the herb to rot and spoil. 

Pat-dry the cilantro leaves gently to absorb moisture. However, do not rub off moisture or water droplets. Otherwise, the leaves will get bruised and can go bad pretty quickly even when in the fridge.

3. Place in a jar.

It is also very important that you do not wash the cilantro before storage. Too much moisture makes it go bad fast, which shortens the shelf life. Just place it in a jar and store it in the fridge.

The jar should contain 3 inches of water. Too much water is not good. The idea is to make sure the stalk-ends are in water without submerging the entire herbs in water.

Avoid overcrowding cilantro, as well. You do not want the jar to be too cramped with cilantro. Otherwise, there would be no room for the herbs to “breathe” and stay fresh. 

4. Cover with plastic

Once you have the herbs in the jar, you can now cover the leaves with plastic. Using a clean, dry and transparent bag, put it over the leaves. The leaves and the mouth of your jar should be covered well. But it needs to be covered loosely to prevent the leaves from dipping into the jar or bruising them.

A rubber band can be used to secure the bag loosely around the mouth of the jar. When secured well, this prevents air from getting into the jar and causing the leaves to dry up or wilt.

5. Keep the jar in the fridge

Now that it’s all set, keep the cilantro that’s in the jar inside your fridge. Store at a low temperature such as 32 degrees Fahrenheit, when you have just harvested your herbs. When kept this way, it should remain fresh for up to a couple of weeks.

Be sure to replace the water in the jar once in a while. It should stay fresh and clean. Any sign of discoloration requires you to replace the water right away.

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Freezing Cilantro

Another way to make sure your cilantro still remains good to eat is by freezing it. You can even preserve the frozen leaves for a number of months without it turning bad.

But when freezing, you need to wash it thoroughly. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Wash the springs using a colander under running tap water.
  2. Dry the leaves to remove extra moisture.
  3. Pick off the leaves and put in a chopping board. Chop in small pieces.
  4. Place your chopped leaves into your ice cube trays.
  5. Add some water to cover the herbs.
  6. Freeze the cilantro until solid and it should stay fresh for up to 2 months.

When stored this way, you can use your cilantro ice cubes for making sauces and soups. Just thaw an ice cube or two and use as needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it fine to dry cilantro leaves for storage?

When dried, cilantro leaves should last long. The only thing about this method is that the leaves won’t be fresh. However, you can still use it as spices for your recipes.

To dry cilantro leaves, wash them first, pat try with a paper towel, then cut the stems off. Air-dry or pre-heat the leaves in your oven to make sure there is no moisture left. Then, put the leaves in a sealed container and keep in the spice cabinet. This will keep the cilantro good to use for up to a year.

2. How long does cilantro last?

Since cilantro prefers a cooler temperature, you should store it in the fridge. This will make sure it stays fresh for up to 2 weeks. But proper storage is still key since when poorly stored, the cilantro can go bad pretty quickly. 

This is why freezing cilantro or following the steps for refrigeration as enumerated above needs to be done correctly to keep your herbs fresh.


what to do with cilantro before it goes bad

We hope these tips on how to keep cilantro from going bad have been helpful. Now, you can preserve your cilantro for a week or so by implementing these easy and practical tips. This will allow you to have great-tasting and fresh cilantro to use for your recipes!

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