How To Reheat A Bloomin Onion Properly

Learning how to reheat a bloomin onion correctly can make a huge difference. After all, you want to ensure its perfect crispness even after reheating it.

Bloomin onions are great appetizers that are simply tasty. The crispy texture and delectable spiced crust of this floral beauty is a delight to many. But the best way to enjoy a bloomin onion is when it’s warm. This is why you should reheat it correctly to ensure the optimal texture and freshness you want.

If you’re looking for tips to reheat a bloomin onion correctly, here are steps you can do. Let’s get started. 

how to reheat a bloomin onion

How To Reheat A Bloomin Onion

There are many ways to reheat bloomin onion. Check out these tips for each method.

Reheating Using Microwave

When you want a quick and easy way to reheat a bloomin onion, a good way to do that is by using a microwave.

It is an effective method for reheating, as well, although you cannot achieve the crispness you want. But in terms of speed, you can count on it to be very fast and in just a few seconds.

To begin, you will need a piece of corrugated cardboard without any stickers or labels.

Then, fold it up accordion-style and cut small pieces with your knife to make it easier to fold. Be sure the cardboard is just the right level for you to set the onion on the top.

Place inside a microwave-safe bowl or container. 

The cardboard tray helps ensure proper ventilation while elevating the onion to prevent it from getting mushy. Then, set the microwave on low or medium heat, and it should be ready once the onion turns brown.

Reheating Using The Oven

If you have an oven, then this is the best way to reheat your bloomin onion to keep it crispy. 

First, preheat to 425 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Put a wire rack on the top portion of the baking dish. This will help to drain the grease while preventing onion from getting soggy.

Gently place your bloomin onion on the rack. Bake for 10 minutes.

Then, switch your oven to broil. You will know if it’s ready to eat once the onion has crispy bottom and top, and when you hear a sizzling sound while the outer layer is brownish.

Reheating Using Frying Pan

If all you have at home is a frying pan and a stove, then you can most definitely reheat bloomin onion this way, too.

First, detach the “petals” of your onion. Then, heat the pan over medium to medium-high heat.

Add in more petals but be sure they are not overcrowding the pan. Keep a close look to avoid the onion from burning. Once it starts to sizzle and you begin smelling the pleasant aroma, you can turn the stovetop off.

Reheating Using An Air Fryer

When you don’t want the extra oils in your bloomin onion, then you should use an air fryer to reheat it. Not only does it maintain the crispness but also the great flavor.

Begin by brushing some oil on your bloomin onion.

Heat the air fryer at 375 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

As you reheat the onion, be sure to check it once in a while and wait for up to 10 minutes. Once it turns brown and crispy, your onion should be ready to serve and eat!

Reheating Using A Deep Fryer

Although this method works, the only downside is it makes your onion slightly mushy.

First, preheat your oil to 350 Fahrenheit. Dip-fry for about 2 to 3 minutes. 

When the onion has turned brown and crispy, it should be ready to serve. But be sure to drain the extra oil in a bowl with paper towels.

Reheating Using A Toaster Oven

You can also reheat bloomin onion in a toaster oven. This is a quick way to help you achieve the right crispness you want from it. 

Preheat to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Then, put the onion on aluminum foil or baking sheet. 

Bake for about 10 minutes and check after 5 minutes to prevent overcooking. Allow to cool for about 3 to 5 minutes before serving and eating.

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Final Thoughts

reheat bloomin onion

Bloomin onion is a tasty treat that many people enjoy. If you have some leftover, be sure to store it correctly. This way, you can easily reheat and achieve your desired texture and flavor.

The best way to store it is by transferring the onion in a glass container with some paper towels to help absorb the extra grease. This will also minimize the soggy quality as your onion stays in the refrigerator.

Next, fold the towel sides and wrap the onion loosely. Close with the lid and make sure the container is airtight.

You should be able to store the onion for 4 to 5 days in the fridge. But it is best to reheat sooner than later since the quality diminishes over time. 

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