What Is The Best Fig Jam Substitute And How To Make Fig Jam

Thinking of the best fig jam substitute?

If you have a recipe that calls for fig jam, or you are looking to use a substitute for fig jam, then you have come to the right place.

Fig jam is great – but there are times when you just don’t have one at the moment. This is why it is good to have some options available.

With all these things in mind, let us look into these excellent substitutes for fig jam, how to make fig jam from dried figs, and other relevant topics you need to know.

Best Substitute For Fig Preserves Or Jam

When it comes to fig preserves substitute, you are left with a number of options. While it may be tricky to find the right jam that tastes just as sweet and savory as your typical fig jam, there are a few that come close.

The following are some of our top picks when it comes to substitutes for fig jam.

1. Prune Jam

Prunes are typically sold dried in stores, yet you can most certainly find fresh ones. The texture and color are quite similar to a fig, which is why if you need a substitute for figs, then you can use prunes to make jam.

How To Substitute:

If you have no time to make prune jam, then simply buy one at the store. But you can most certainly make one in a matter of minutes by using a blender or food processor to get it nice and thick. In some cases, making jam from dehydrated prunes also works well. The flavor is sweet and should be perfectly fine instead of figs when the latter is not available. 

Here’s how to make prune jam:

2. Apricot Jam

Here is another good substitute for fresh figs jam. It’s got a sweet flavor and taste, which is why you should be able to use it without any problem, in place of a fig jam. 

When eaten on its own, apricot has a sweet, somewhat salty, and savory flavor. If you are working ona  baked recipe that calls for fig jam, then apricot jam should be a good substitute.

How To Substitute:

Instead of using the same amount of apricot jam as fig jam, reduce it a bit since apricot has a much sweeter flavor than fig.

Here’s how to make apricot jam:

3. Nectarine Jam

Next up on our list of fig preserves substitute is nectarine jam. What we love about this is that nectarines are naturally sweet and aromatic. This flavor balances the savory and salty taste that it offers. 

How to Substitute:

You can use nectarine jam for your recipe – and it will taste just as good as when you use fig jam. Reduce the amount a little, so it is not too sweet since nectarine jam has a much sweeter flavor.

Here’s how to make nectarine jam:

4. Blueberry Jam

A fantastic berry, great eaten whether raw or cooked, blueberries are amazing when turned into jam. We simply love the slightly tart with a dash of sweetness to the flavor.

How to Substitute:

Moreover, blueberries have that purplish or bluish color, which adds a splash of vibrant hue to your recipe. You can definitely use this as a replacement for fig jam and love the nutritive value that it offers.

Here’s how to make blueberry jam:

5. Date Jam

Nutritious and sweet, dates have a similarly dark color as figs. The flavor is also quite the same, so you can easily use date jam as a substitute. The only difference is that the sugar content in dates is higher, so be sure to eat it in moderate amounts.

How to Substitute:

You can make date jam using dried or fresh dates. Or, you can opt to buy ready-made date jam at the store, or make one by soaking dried dates in hot water to soften them then puree in a blender.

Here’s how to make date jam:

6. Cherry Jam

And lastly, we have cherry jam as a substitute for fig jam. The taste is quite similar to figs, yet there’s most definitely some sweetness in cherries. But overall, it has the same texture and delightful goodness once turned into jam.

How to Substitute:

Unlike fig jam, cherry jam is significantly sweeter. So, you will need to reduce the amount you use, so it is more similar to the level of sweetness of fig jam.

Here’s how to make cherry jam:

Best Substitute For Fresh Figs 

Figs are ancient fruits in biblical times. They grow in Asia, Africa, and Europe, and you can find these fruits in most parts of the world today.

If you are looking to use fresh figs for your recipe, yet you simply can’t find one – or you don’t have one widely available – it should be fine to use other fresh fruits such as the following:

fig jam substitute

You can substitute nectarines, fresh apricots, and pears. For a pound of fresh figs, you can use 12 small or 9 whole medium of your choice of fruits to substitute for figs.

But when it comes to dried fruits, the measurement becomes different.

You can use the same amounts of dried dates as the number of figs called for in the recipe. They are, however, stickier when you chop them.

Or, you can use 8 ounces of pitted dried plums or prunes or the same amount of dried apricots. The only difference is in the taste since apricots have a distinct flavor that figs don’t have.

What Does Fig Jam Taste Like?

Fig jam has a unique flavor. It has a savory and sweet taste, which is why jam works fine for your muffins, cheeses, breads, scones, and the like. When making fig jam, however, you should cook it longer to make sure it gets thicker while at the same time releasing the flavor more. 

How To Make Fig Jam From Dried Figs

Thinking of making fig jam from dried figs?

how to make fig jam from dried figs

Fig preserves or jams are made from the plump and fleshy fruit. You can use dried figs, too, without any problem. Since dried figs are available no matter what time of the year – and they last longer, too – you should be able to store them in the pantry and have them ready to use anytime you want.

Here are the steps on how to make fig jam from dried figs.

1. Plump up the figs

Before you begin making your preserves, rehydrate your dried figs to give them a plump quality. Quarter or halve your dried figs and add ample water or juice to soak them in. Simmer the figs over medium heat until the juice or water has gotten thicker. This will help to plump up the figs. Remove from heat right away when the figs begin to burst.

2. Preparation.

When you have rehydrated your figs, drain them and remove any stems. Chop the figs into small pieces and use the same amount of rehydrated figs as the number of fresh figs your recipe requires.

Stir the figs into your water mixture, seasonings, juice, and pectin if you wish. Allow to boil and let it simmer until thick. Place into a jar and refrigerate for 3 days – or you can also can your preserves for a longer shelf life.

3. Canning

When canning your fig preserves using dried figs, you need to add lemon juice to the mixture. This way, it can help to preserve your jam longer. 

Pour the jam into a sterilized jar while still hot and leave ¼-inch of space between the jam and the top of your jar. Process the jar in hot water as a canning bath for 15 minutes and store at room temperature for up to a couple of years.

Bottom Line

substitute for fig jam

Fig jam offers a delightfully sweet and aromatic flavor that makes it fantastic for a number of recipes and dishes. But if you don’t have fig jam as of the moment, don’t fret – you can use other types of jam as a substitute for fig jam! We hope our suggestions have been helpful, so you can have a great outcome for your recipes.

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