Can You Use An Electric Smoker Indoors?

So, can you use an electric smoker indoors?

The quick answer to that question is no. However, there are instances when it may be fine, which we will discuss further in the next sections.

If you are thinking of setting your electric smoker in the house and worried about any health and safety risks, keep reading to learn more about the right way to use this appliance – and other important tips you should know.

Can You Use An Electric Smoker Indoors?

First of all, the short answer to this question is a no.

Automated pellet grills, as well as electric smokers, are quite popular nowadays. These are quite easy to use, and there is no need to use propane or charcoal to get them started. Smokers that use propane are most definitely for outdoor use only, or areas that are well-ventilated.

can you use an electric smoker indoors

With electric smokers, you can simply turn them on and allow these things to do the job. You don’t even have to stand around to make sure the temperature is the right level. Hence, this adds to the convenience of using an electric smoker.

However, just because you can turn them on and let them work their magic, this does not mean you can simply use them indoors.

There are exceptions to this, though, and it all boils down on the type of smoker you have.

Can You Use An Electric Smoker In The Garage

To answer this question, you need to check the label on your particular smoker since not all smokers are the same.

In case yours says it is safe for indoor use, then you should be in the clear. There is definitely an electric smoker suitable for indoor use, and yours should clearly state this before you can use it inside the house.

So, if you plan on using it in the garage or the patio space, you can certainly do so without any safety risks to worry about.

But at the same time, indoor smokers typically have less air exchange in the smoking process. This is why it can take a bit longer when smoking your favorite beef jerky. The high humidity in your cooking chamber slows down the process, which is something worth thinking about.

But in the case of a traditional electric smoker designed for outdoor use, then you should never use this indoors. You should think about potential problems along the process such as carbon monoxide levels that can accumulate indoors.

can you use an electric smoker in the garage

When carbon monoxide is produced, the chances of toxicity are high. Moreover, this type of toxic gas is a slow killer. You may subject yourself to brain damage, long-term respiratory problems, and hallucinations.

Thus, you should never take it lightly considering the health and safety risks involved. It is best to use it outdoors and not subject yourself and your household to poisoning risks when using it in the house.

Additionally, electric smokers can run the risk of a fire. Although there are no fuel sources, the high temperature it can reach raises the chances of a fire breaking out in your home. With other fire hazards indoors such as carpets, rugs, and other flammable materials in your furniture, it is wiser to use the smoker outside.

And most importantly, smoke in general is bad for your health. This is why you should not have the smoker running indoors because smoke can stay in the air for a couple of hours even if you don’t see it. Invisible smoke is also dangerous and carries with them toxins, which is why they’re even more risky since you cannot see it.

Can You Use An Electric Smoker In The Rain

Surprisingly, you should be able to use your electric smoker in the rain – yes, even during a downpour!

Other people may have assumed that it is not good to use a smoker in the rain since there are safety risks involved. But you can most definitely use it.

There are those who have used smokers without any hassle even when it’s raining outside – and there are no problems at all.

But at the same time, you need to think about some issues that may arise afterwards, mainly impacting your smoker. These are the following:

1. Rust

If you use your smoker in the rain and some metal that’s exposed gets wet, then rust may develop in this material. This is the case with vents, latches, rear panels, and hinges that can hold some moisture even after the rain. Since these areas don’t have any protective coating, then rust may form over time.

However, there are ways to prevent rust on your smoker. Simply cover it with some kind of a waterproof cover. This is not possible, though, while you are using it.

Another option is by using a patio umbrella to shield the smoker from the rain. Then, once the rain has stopped, clean the smoker and dry the areas that got wet. You can put the smoker back in a shaded and secure place once you have dried it well.

2. Issue With Grease Catcher

Your electric smoker has a grease catcher that traps all the grease as you cook instead of having them drip. But when you have rainwater into your grease trap, the container tends to fill up quickly and may overflow – this could mean a big cleanup is coming your way!

So, you may simply have to keep tossing the contents to prevent the massive amount of mess after cooking.

3. Electronics

And of course, there are electronics in your smoker that most definitely should not get wel.

While smokers are typically weather-resistant, there is a risk of mixing your electronics with water, which is bad news.

Thus, you need to use a grounded type of GFCI outlet. Your extension cords must also be specifically ideal for outdoor use and rated as capable of handling the rain.

Final Words

Electric smokers have made it much easier to cook because of how quick they are to set up. They can even be used indoors if specified by the manufacturer. However, if yours is for outdoor use only, it is best to never use it inside the house.

You should also watch out for safety and health risks, which is why observing the practices we have shared with you can keep you and your household away from danger when using your electric smoker.

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