Left Electric Stove On? Here’s What To Do About It

There are some concerns among people who have left electric stove on by accident.

What happens if you leave electric stove on, anyway?

Everyone can get into a panic moment when you suddenly have a realization or state of worry when you have left the stove on before leaving the house. Or perhaps, you are just heading out to a nearby store or the neighbors, but wanting to rush home because of the thought that your stove may be on.

Can electric stoves catch fire? What’s the worst that can happen, anyway? And do electric stoves turn off automatically even when left on for a while? We investigate on this issue and here are the answers you have been looking for!

What Happens If You Left Electric Stove On

Well, the truth is that stoves run indefinitely. What this means is that the stove is not the one that generates a fire. Instead, it is the thing you have left on your burner or even the burner that can end up in flames.

left electric stove on

So, if you have left a pot of stew simmering on the stove, then you may need to worry about what happens when the liquid evaporates. This occurs when you have your pot uncovered and the liquid dries up. Then, the pot’s contents will reach their burning point and end up being a fire hazard.

However, if you have the gas burner left on, then this is another issue. Gas that is left on can be very much receptive to electrical items that could produce a spark. Moreover, there is the issue with gas fumes filling up your home. So, you will need to air out your rooms to prevent the risk of breathing in carbon monoxide.

How Long Can You Leave Electric Stove On

Before we answer this question, here’s another pressing question related to it – can electric stoves catch fire?

If you left your stove on because you were initially cooking then forgot, the issue depends on various factors. For instance, did you remove the pot or the knob is not flipped in the off position?

You may have fallen asleep and awakened to the sound of your smoke alarm because of the stove being left on.

The primary danger would be a fire, which is possible when there are items on or in your stove that reached a certain temperature and have gotten out of control.

electric stove auto shut off

You also need to think about whether you have an auto shut off in your electric stove. This feature has been quite common with stoves manufactured in the latter 1990s. So, you may want to check with your manufacturer if this is something your stove has.

Hence, if you have a stove that’s produced in 1995 or perhaps even later, then it is highly likely to have an automatic shut off feature. Stoves with touch pad clocks usually mean there is an auto shut off design. You can simply count on it to turn off on its own after being on for 12 hours.

But with older stove models, this is not a typical feature, so it is best to confirm whether your stove has this function or none.


Overall, electric stoves should never be left on for several hours, especially if your stove model is older. While newer models have an automatic shut off, there is still a risk of a fire if you have something cooking in the pot and the liquid evaporates. So, it is best to be mindful when you have something cooking and keep an eye on it to prevent any safety hazards.

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