Are Ramekins Microwave Safe? Important Things You Should Know

You are probably wondering about this question – are ramekins microwave safe?

This is something that professional and amateur chefs and cooks ask when cooking and reheating food. But there is more to this question that we can explore to know the best answer. In fact, it can be a little complicated, which is why we will discuss more about the proper usage of this type of material.

So, if you are looking to learn more about the safety of ramekins for the microwave, consider the tips and guidelines that we will share with you today. Let’s jump right into it.

Are Ramekins Microwave Safe

The simplest answer to this question is a yes. A ramekin is made from different materials such as stoneware, plastic, ceramic, glass, and porcelain. If you are looking to reheat your food or perhaps melt cheese or chocolate, then you can use ramekins that are designed for microwave use.

However, you need to apply proper precaution when using ramekins for your food. For example, you need to use a low power setting. A high setting can cause damage to the material, which may then leach into your food. This is particularly true with some plastic material that some people use in their microwave oven.

Moreover, it is important to know for sure if you are indeed using microwave-safe ramekin. If it is not suitable for this type of kitchen appliance, then you should not use it. Otherwise, you may end up causing serious problems to your health, as well as some potential accidents in your home.

are ramekins microwave safe

You can use ramekins in other appliances. For instance, you can use it with your grill, oven, or even the stovetop. So, you do not necessarily have to use the microwave for your ramekin.

In fact, ramekins are quite versatile. When you care for this tool well, it should last a long time. And yes, you can also use it in your microwave, as long as the power setting is kept at low. 

But do take note that not all ramekins are safe for use in the oven. When you have a ceramic or glass ramekin, then it should be fine for oven use. You can even put it straight into your oven even if it has just come from your refrigerator. But ramekins crafted from metal or plastic are not designed for the oven. 

Porcelain ramekins are also oven-safe. They can even go to your freezer, dishwasher, and microwave. This is why they are easy to use for reheating and cooking your meals and then simply put in the dishwasher for an efficient clean-up.

Another good thing about ramekins is that they are pressure-cooker safe. As long as you can use it in the pressure cooker, there should be no problem putting it in the oven, as well. Just be sure to check your manufacturer’s instructions before placing it in any kitchen appliance. This is the best way to determine its proper usage.

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Precautions When Using Ramekins

Now, we would like to add that you need to be cautious when handling scorching hot ramekins. If you have just cooked something in it, always be sure to grab your oven mitts to prevent your hands from getting burned. These kitchen tools retain heat quite long, this is why handling them requires much care. You would not want to burn your hands with your ramekins!

Also, it is best to use non-abrasive utensils when taking the food out of your ramekin. Metal utensils can scratch the coating and cause damage. 

Overall, ramekins are capable of handling up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. But if you set your oven at a much higher temperature, then the material will begin to break down. Therefore, you would want to avoid this as harmful chemicals are released and can get into your food.

So, if you want to put your ramekin in your microwave, be sure to maintain a low temperature. If you want to reheat soup, simply put it into your ramekin to ensure an even heating. Otherwise, you may end up having hotspots that will make the soup less appealing to eat.

Additionally, how big or thick your ramekin can impact the amount of heat it is capable of withstanding. For instance, there are some ceramic ramekins that can handle more heat. But the same cannot be said about plastic and glass ones since these are more prone to burning. 

Most ramekins that are oven-safe should have a symbol printed at the bottom. It appears as a small oven symbol, which means you should be able to use your ramekin without any problem. Without this symbol, you should not even consider using the ramekin in the oven to avoid issues.

In addition to checking for the oven symbol, you can also determine if your ramekin is oven safe depending on the material used for it. If it is metal or plastic, then you are better off using this material in other appliances such as your stovetop.

Small ramekins are also designed to handle more heat, which is why they are good for oven use. Large ones, on the other hand, tend to break or crack once exposed to a higher temperature. So, it is best to use smaller ones when reheating food in the oven.

We would also like to add that instead of placing the ramekin straight in your microwave, you should use a trivet or plate designed for this type of appliance. By doing this, you can eliminate the chances of your ramekin breaking or cracking.

But if you wish to microwave your dish and you want to avoid using a ramekin, then you can always use a glass bowl. Generally, glass is microwave safe and is unlikely to break quickly unlike porcelain or ceramic. 

Bottom Line

Ramekins are versatile tools in the kitchen. If your ramekin has an oven symbol at the bottom, then it should be microwave-safe. Otherwise, you should choose a better tool for reheating your food to make sure there are no health or safety risks involved.

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