Can Circulon Pans Go In The Oven? Read This First

Here is a question we get asked a lot – can Circulon pans go in the oven?

Quality cookware is very important when it comes to cooking. We are sure you are aware of this, and so you want to make sure that you are using the right tool.

Now, Circulon has become a household brand name for durability and reliability. This is why you may be wondering if these pans are versatile enough for use in your oven.

But before you pop it right into your oven straight away, consider this post to help you determine whether it is absolutely safe to do so or not. Let’s jump right into it.

can circulon pans go in the oven

Can Circulon Pans Go In The Oven

You may have been using your Circulon pan on your stove. After all, this type of pan is great for cooking just about any type of dish or menu. Whether you want to make your stir-frys or other savory dishes, your Circulon pan can definitely do the job.

But then you may also want to make something in the oven, and all you have for cookware is a Circulon pan. This is why you wonder if it is even safe to do so.

Generally, Circulon pans are safe for oven use. So, if you want to cook your meals on your pan and put it in the oven, it should be fine. But there are some caveats to take note of.

For instance, you need to first preheat your oven prior to adding any food into your pan. By doing this essential step, you are preventing any risks of hotspots. You can always ensure evenly cooked dishes.

Next, we highly recommend that you use a low temperature setting for this type of pan. Other pans may be able to handle higher heat but for a Circulon pan, lower temperature is your best bet. The material is capable of conducting heat well, allowing you to cook it quicker than you would with other pans.

And lastly, it is important to apply caution when you handle your Circulon pan. Oven mitts are essential in the kitchen – and this is particularly true with this pan since it does get very hot. Your mitts should prevent your hand from getting burned when it is time to pull the pan out of the oven.

So, when it comes to using oven-safe and durable pans, you can definitely count on your Circulon pan. Just be sure to follow the tips we have just mentioned to ensure an evenly cooked meal each time.

What’s Great About Circulon Pans

Now, this may bring you the next question – what exactly makes these pans safe for use in your oven?

Well, it is simple – it all comes down to the material. These pans are crafted from heavy-gauge aluminum, which means heat is distributed evenly during use. You can count on it to provide an evenly-cooked meal in your oven or stovetop. Moreover, it uses a non-stick material for the coating, which makes it easy for you to take your food out.

With its heat-resistant quality, durability, and versatility, there are indeed so many things to appreciate about the Circulon pan. You can bake foods with it or even use it for stovetop cooking. Plus, the stainless steel handles are riveted securely to the pan. This is why it keeps the handles cool – you can grab the handles and not worry about burning your hand. Just do not touch the pan’s surface!

Now, there are some Circulon pans that come with rubber handles. If so, you may be wondering if these ones can also go into the oven. The answer is a sure yes – Circulon uses heat-resistant rubber for their pan’s handles. Thus, the rubber will not catch fire or melt when you put it in the oven – even at a high temperature.

But here’s one important thing to remember – you should never use this pan under the broiler or on your stovetop. The very high heat may cause damage to the rubber, which can then melt or warp it. Rubber-handled Circulon pans are better off in the oven than elsewhere.

As a safety precaution, it is always good to check your manufacturer’s instructions. If the cookware is labeled as suitable for oven-use, then it is good to go. You need to make sure that the cookware is compatible with the kitchen appliance you have in mind. Otherwise, it may break, crack, or have materials leaching into your food. 

You definitely would not want all of those to happen.

If your Circulon pan has a symbol with an oven and an X in the middle, it means you should never use it in the oven. Moreover, if the handle is made of metal, it should be oven-safe. But wood or plastic handles are highly likely to be not oven-safe. These materials can easily catch fire or burn.

The pan’s bottom portion also needs to be solid. Avoid putting pans with warped or discolored bottoms in your oven. Chances are, they are not oven-safe.

When putting your Circulon pan in the oven, avoid setting the heat to over 500 degrees Fahrenheit. If it goes over the maximum heat, the nonstick surface tends to break down. Then, it releases toxins and chemicals into your food. This is why if you plan on cooking steak or getting a neat char on your grilled vegetables, then you should avoid Circulon pans. These cannot handle high-heat cooking. 

On the other hand, it should be fine to use for your lasagna or baked macaroni – among many other dishes you can cook with it in your oven.

Final Thoughts

Circulon pans are durable kitchen tools designed to last for years. They can be used on various appliances including the oven. Just be sure the handle is not plastic or wood-made, and that the manufacturer’s instructions specifically indicate that it is oven-safe.

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