Are Pellet Grills Good For Burgers?

We have had some people ask us – are pellet grills good for burgers?

Perhaps you are planning on cooking burgers on a pellet grill but need to make sure the result is exactly what you want.

If you are looking to cook your burgers this way, then keep reading! We have key information you need to know when it comes to using pellet grills for cooking burgers, so let’s dive right into it.

Are Pellet Grills Good For Burgers

Pellet grills are perfect for folks who like the aroma and flavor of grilled food but without the mess and stress of using traditional charcoal.

You can simply use a pellet grill for cooking just like how you would on a type of open-flame grill. In fact, you can even roast your marshmallows this way, if you wanted to!

When it comes to cooking burgers and making sure they turn out fine, then pellet grills should be a fine choice. You can retain their juicy flavor when cooked in a pellet grill. It is only a matter of knowing the right setting to use.

Cooking burgers on pellet grills is pretty simple and straightforward. You can smoke or grill burgers this way but there is a bit of a learning curve to consider. You need to know how to do it right, so your burgers will end up being juicy and not dry and bland.

So, most definitely, pellet grills are excellent for cooking burgers. You need to use wood pellets such as mesquite or hickory to make sure the flavor is richer, since these burn at a hotter pace.

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Before you put your patty right on the pellet grill, make sure that you preheat at 400 to about 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep the lid closed as you do so and make sure to use the grill grates in an upside down direction as you cook the burgers.

It is also worth noting that cooking a burger on pellet grills would need accurate temperatures. This is important to prevent the meat from shrinking or leaving some areas uncooked.

Cooking Burgers In Pellet Grills

When cooking burgers on your grill, we recommend using meat with a fat content of 10 to as much as 20 percent.

You may want to go for the ground chuck, which is the shoulder part of the cow. The fat content is 20 percent, which is perfect for retaining the juiciness. On the other hand, lean meat tends to dry out because of the pellet grill’s slow cooking action.

You should stick to an 80/20 percentage for the beef patty when cooking on your pellet grill. The weight should also be about half a pound or 6 ounces, which is the number you should be shooting for.

are pellet grills good for burgers

If you have seasoned the patty with pepper, salt and some garlic powder, do not throw it on low heat. Doing so will dry and toughen it out, especially when you cook for over half an hour. Salt dries your meat out at a much quicker rate.

On the other hand, when you have the meat seasoned with some barbecue sauce, you can cook it at 225 Fahrenheit. It will produce a caramelized texture while keeping your meat nice and juicy.

But if you are cooking beef patties that are frozen, don’t throw them on your grill at a temperature under 300 Fahrenheit. Not only will this slow down the cooking process but your burger will end up dry and with a rubbery, chewy texture. You should need to close the grill’s lid until the meat is cooked completely.

Expert Tips On How To Cook Burgers On Pellet Grill

Let’s expound more on some helpful tips on cooking burgers on pellet grills to ensure you of the result you want.

First, use ground chuck when at least 6 ounces of weight and with an 80/20 fat percentage. Cook it at 225 degrees Fahrenheit when you have seasoned it with sauce, salt and pepper. The cooking time should be between 30 minutes to as much as an hour.

If you are shooting for medium-rare, then the temperature should be at 225. Crank up the grill to 500 Fahrenheit, which sears the meat. Make sure the grill stabilizes at this desirable temperature for about 15 minutes.

But when you preheat the grill to sear the burger, you should take the meat off the grill, especially when the temperature is high.

As you sear the meat, make sure it is on your upside-down positioned grill grates. This ensures better contact with your patty, which helps transfer heat more evenly and create better texture.

You can sear each side for a couple of minutes to 500 Fahrenheit without any problem.

In case you only did some dry seasoning to your patty, then you should crank the grill’s temperature straight to the highest possible, which is up to 550 Fahrenheit. The same goes with frozen beef patties.

If your beef is frozen, sear the first side for about 18 minutes and then 8 minutes for the other side. Then, you can add in the cheese on top of the patty while still on the grill and cook for a minute or two – while keeping the lid closed the whole time.


Make sure there is no grease accumulation in your drip tray since flare-ups may occur when you sear at very high temperatures.

You can insert your meat probe in the middle of the patty as this portion takes some time to absorb heat. Always use high-quality pellets, specifically 75 percent of Hickory and at least 25 percent Cherry for the best combination.

With all these things in mind, you can ensure the finest results each time you cook burgers on the grill. So, get grilling, enjoy your burgers, and have a wonderful time with your meals!

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