Ninja Blender Pitcher Cracked? Causes and Fixes To Consider

Are you concerned about a Ninja blender pitcher cracked on one side?

Typically, Ninja blenders are so heavy-duty and will not break or crack easily. This is why they are good investments – they can last for a long time.

But if you notice that there is a crack on your Ninja blender pitcher, then you are probably confused why this happened.

Hence, we are here to discuss the possible reasons why your Ninja Blender cracked, whether the warranty can cover this issue, and what can you do about it. Let’s begin.

Reasons Why Your Ninja Blender Pitcher Cracked

There are some reasons why the pitcher of your Ninja blender cracked. But do take note that once a crack has developed, this means that your blender is pretty much useless. When there is a crack, you don’t have to worry about a leak.

Yet, the constant vibration generated each time you use the blender will cause the crack to get even bigger. Then, this may mean a safety hazard eventually.

So, why does your blender pitcher crack, anyway?

1. Dropping the pitcher on the floor

ninja blender pitcher cracked

The most common reason behind the crack was accidentally dropping the pitcher on the floor.

Perhaps you have been trying to pour the liquids in haste, then your hands slip. Or you may be washing the pitcher by hand and accidentally dropping it because of the slipper soap.

2. Blending with frozen fruit or ice cubes

There are also cases when the crack develops when you blend ice cubes or very hard frozen fruit with water in your pitcher.

In this case, the crack may be smaller at first, yet can get bigger over time.

For the first reason behind the crack, it is important to hold your pitcher carefully using both hands. Never tip the container close to the sink or to your body. This way, you will not run the risk of dropping it.

Additionally, although your pitcher can handle frozen items, you should make sure that these are not very hard. Don’t put too many ice cubes or large chunks of frozen fruit that may cause damage to the pitcher.

3. Storing the pitcher improperly

Lastly, another reason why your Ninja blender pitcher cracked is improper storage techniques. You may have stored it in the cupboard in an unstable and uneven position. You may have also stacked one pitcher over the other in an awkward manner.

This is why you should practice correct storage techniques when organizing your blender pitcher. Never store the jars in an upside-down position. If you notice some liquid left after using the pitcher, pour it out thoroughly before keeping it in the cupboard.

Using The Ninja Blender Correctly

Now that you know the common reasons behind a cracked Ninja blender pitcher, let us consider the correct ways of using it to avoid damages.

Sure, it may seem like a no-brainer since all you need is to press the start button.

But then again, there are other things to look into, so you can avoid certain concerns. The following are the steps to consider to make sure that you are using your Ninja Blender correctly.

using the ninja blender correctly

1. Assembly

Ninja blenders come in different types. There are bulky ones and those with a more compact and slimmer profile. But either way, they should be able to do the job well. They also come with a manufacturer’s manual to help you with the assembly process.

Whatever type you are using, there should be instructions that come with the manual to get started. So, be sure to put all the pieces together in the right position.

For the pitcher, make sure you place the blade assembly on the inside of the pitcher, specifically on the gear. Next, position the pitcher on the base of the motor. One of the pitcher’s corners should be placed on top of the logo found on the base.

Rotate your pitcher in a clockwise motion and be sure to watch out for a click to make sure it is done right.

Ninja blenders were designed in a way that is suitable for left- or right-handed users. Hence, the most important thing is to hear the click to be sure the pitcher is indeed locked to the motor base.

If you are using a single-serve cup type of Ninja bender, it should be much easier to assemble. Put the extractor blades right on the cup. Be sure to align them with the pitcher’s opening. Screw the blades tightly and your cup is not sealed completely.

You only need to mount the cup on the motor when using it, or once you have all the ingredients loaded.

2. Plug in the motor

The next step is to plug your motor base into an outlet. However, don’t press the power yet unless you are ready to start. The blades should also be handled with care.

3. Pour in your ingredients

At this point, you can now place your ingredients into the pitcher. You can put any type of ingredients such as vegetables, fruits, and even cooked beans for making hummus. The most important thing is to not overfill the pitcher.

Watch out for the “max” label and do not add more once you have reached this section. Otherwise, the blender will not be able to blend the ingredients well.

4. Secure the lid.

When you have put your ingredients, close the lid. There is a release button in a pitcher but on a single serve cup, you simply have to turn the pitcher upside down when you have closed the lid. Then, lock it onto the motor.

5. Choose the setting you prefer

There are various blend settings available in a Ninja blender. So, go ahead and select the one that applies to your needs whether it is pulse, auto IQ puree, auto-IQ blend, auto-IQ-ultra blend or auto-IQ crush.

6. Pour and clean

After blending, pour the contents into a glass or container of your choosing. Be sure the blades are no longer spinning when you take the pitcher out of the motor.

As for the cleaning process, it should be quite simple with just dish soap, sponge, and water.

How To Fix Cracked Ninja Pitcher

how to fix cracked ninja pitcher

Generally, Ninja blender pitchers are heavy-duty and sturdy. They are made of BPA-free plastic, which is why they are safe to use. The pitcher material can also handle some pressure. Yet, once the pitcher is cracked, it is not ideal to use anymore.

Furthermore, as you continue using the cracked pitcher with the motor, the problem may get worse. You may even get some plastic bits into your blended foods, which can be a health and safety risk.

If you happen to be one of those people who have a Ninja blender pitcher cracked badly, then you may wonder if you could fix it. There are those who attempt to use some plastic glue, but it is not as simple as you think it is.

With this in mind, it is best to discontinue using the cracked pitcher and opt to get a replacement for it. This is a far more practical and safer decision that will prevent you from getting into trouble health-wise with a cracked pitcher.

Ninja Blender Pitcher Replacement

Check Price

Speaking of getting a Ninja blender pitcher replacement, there are a few options to consider for this.

You may either go to Ninja blender’s official website for replacement parts or head over to retailer websites such as Amazon, Walmart, and so on.

But if you still have kept your original receipt, then you can get a replacement from Ninja without having to deal with shipping costs. It is also best to inquire from them to make sure that the issue is covered by warranty.

Basically, you would want to get a replacement pitcher when you are certain that it is cracked and cannot be used anymore. Buying a replacement is cheaper than buying a brand new blender with the motor included.

So how can you be certain that you really need to replace your pitcher?

There are some who say that you only need a replacement if there are slight cracks. Or when the cracks are there, yet not visible, since there’s water leaking out of the blended items. What this means is that your pitcher is indeed cracked but the problem is not so severe yet.

In case you notice that your pitcher has cracks you can most certainly see, yet it can be sealed properly, then there has to be a deeper problem involved. This is particularly true when the water easily flows out and through the jar. It is impossible to fix it when the damage has been around for quite some time.

Warranty On Ninja Blender

warranty on ninja blender

Ninja Blenders are covered by a warranty. This includes warranty for the blade assembly, pitcher, as well as the motor base.

But if your pitcher has visible cracks or even leaks, you should be able to get a replacement pitcher for free. Simply contact Ninja’s customer service support via email or phone.

Some people may wonder – what if you have lost your receipt? Can you still get a free replacement pitcher?

The answer is YES. As long as you have the reference model number, then Ninja should be able to trace the year of manufacture. This will also help to speed up the processing of your request, so you can get your replacement.

But to avail of the free shipping, you need to present your proof of purchase to Ninja. This is why it helps to keep your original receipt, especially in times like these.

Final Words

A Ninja blender pitcher cracked – whether visible or not – can be a problem. You should never use a cracked pitcher or try to glue the pieces together, since it would not work.

This is why it is best to reach out to Ninja for a replacement for your pitcher or purchase one from retailers for your safety and peace of mind.

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