What Is The Best Halloumi Cheese Substitute? 10 Options To Consider!

Looking for the perfect halloumi cheese substitute? If this type of cheese is not available, yet you need something similar for your recipe, then don’t fret – there are options for you!

Finding the right alternative is not difficult at all. 

You can easily use other cheeses that will work just fine – and we have them listed down for you! Let’s get started.

All About Halloumi Cheese

This cheese is originally from Cyprus, and it is made from sheep’s and goat’s milk or either one of the two. Sometimes, cow’s milk may be used, as well. 

Halloumi is commonly used in grilled recipes because it can retain its shape while being able to handle high heat. The texture is rubbery but remains firm when cooked. It is white in color, which is similar to the appearance of mozzarella. 

halloumi cheese substitute

When you eat halloumi raw, the flavor is plain and has a rubbery or gummy texture. It is mildly-flavored with salty notes. Yet, when you crisp it in your pan or in the oven, the outside becomes savory and crispy while the inside is melted with almost the same consistency as that of a marshmallow once toasted.

It is easy to find halloumi at most stores such as specialty stores while having a reasonable price. But if you cannot find it online, then you can use some alternatives that work just as fine. Here are some of the best substitutes for halloumi cheese that you can consider for your recipes.

Best Substitute For Halloumi Cheese

Cheeses like halloumi are not hard to come by at all.

This special cheese known for its ability to resist heat is ideal for baked and fried recipes. The taste may be plain, but the texture is simply amazing. 

Here are the finest substitutes for halloumi cheese and why they are great.

1. Queso Para Freir

We like this cheese because of the golden crust it yields when you cook it. This is why you can expect that stunning gold color to the top of your dish.

As for the taste, it is not at all far from the actual taste of halloumi. The texture is close to similar, in addition to the flavor, so you can most definitely use this cheese.

Check out this video on how to use queso para freir

2. Queso Panela

Another option we like is the queso panela. It is made from cow’s milk, which may have a softer texture but a high melting point just like halloumi. 

If you need good cheese for baked or fried dishes, then you can use this cheese. It does not yield the same brown crust when fried, though. But the gummy texture is guaranteed, as well as the fantastic flavor you like.

Here’s a video on how to use queso panela

3. Kefalotyri

Then we have the Kefalotyri. This is another alternative to halloumi because of the similar texture, except it is slightly saltier.

This cheese is made either from sheep’s milk or goat’s milk, and the texture is a bit flaky, yet firm. The melting point is high, so you can grill or fry it to achieve the creamy quality you want.

But do take note that the flavor is quite strong. So, if you are using this as an alternative to halloumi, you may want to use just a small amount to not make the flavor too overwhelming. 

Catch this fun tutorial video for kefalotyri

4. Paneer

A popular cheese in India, in particular, is a cheese crafted from curdled milk with something acidic such as lemon juice and other seasonings. The taste is rich and creamy, and it works well for a variety of fried dishes. 

Here are some recipes to make with paneer

5. Saganaki

A type of cheese originally from Greece, Saganaki is another one of the best substitutes for halloumi cheese. It is tasty when cooked but without a whole lot of flavor otherwise, which is one of the reasons why you can use this in place of halloumi.

The crust gets brown or golden when cooked while the texture is chewy. With the high melting point of this cheese, it is no doubt a good choice if halloumi cheese is not available.

Check out this cool video on how to use saganaki

6. Queso Blanco

What we like about this cheese is the similarly soft texture it has with a slightly salty flavor. It is a versatile cheese to use and is non-aged, and you can most definitely use it in various recipes.

The melting point is high, just like the other cheeses on our list. You can fry, grill, or bake it without any problem – and the excellent texture it offers is simply fantastic. The color may be white when cooked, which is the only difference it has from halloumi. Other than that, the flavor and texture remain similar.

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7. Tofu

Vegans in search of a great alternative to halloumi should consider using tofu. In fact, many vegan cheeses are either made of tofu or nuts, so it should work fine. The texture is similar but of course, the flavor is very much different.

Tofu needs some seasonings to have a more vibrant flavor. We recommend adding pepper, salt, and some other spices that you want to give it a cheesy quality.

Here’s how you can ferment tofu and make it taste like cheese!

8. Provolone

If halloumi cheese is not available, then you can swap it out with Provolone cheese. We like the mild flavor it offers, which is absolutely amazing.

But one thing to note about this cheese is that its melting point is lower compared to halloumi. This is why it will have that gooey texture when melted. It may turn a bit golden when cooked, which adds to the lovely appearance that you can expect from halloumi. You can use it with meat and veggies or in your sandwiches.

Here’s an amazing provolone cheese recipe

9. Cheese Curds

Cheese curds are smart options to consider when you need an alternative to halloumi. We like the gooey and stretchy quality it has when melted, plus the taste is not very salty at all.

You can use it in any recipe that calls for halloumi or simply munch on this cheese when you want a delectable snack.

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10. Feta

Popular in Greek dishes, feta is another alternative you can use to halloumi cheese. The texture and flavor, however, have some differences to halloumi. It is saltier and tends to crumble easily. But nonetheless, feta should make your dishes tasty.

We recommend that you reduce the amount of feta used to your dishes since it is saltier than halloumi. Other than that, it is absolutely flavorful and a good fit to your recipes.

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Other Options To Consider

There are a couple of other cheeses typically made from sheep’s milk that should be a good substitute to halloumi. 

One is Vlahotiri, which has a bit of similarity with the halloumi in terms of texture and taste. It is not as salty, though, so you may want to add a bit more salt when using this cheese.

Kasseri is another good substitute for halloumi, which is chewy when cooked but firm when eaten plain. But no matter how you prepare it, this cheese should be amazing for your recipes.


substitute for halloumi cheese

Halloumi cheese is a wonderful cheese you can use for your baked or fried dishes. You will love the golden crust it has when cooked while at the same time, the flavor is mild and pleasant. 

There are many alternatives to this cheese, which is why you don’t have to worry if your recipe requires halloumi. These 10 great options are worth considering as they yield almost the same result in terms of flavor, texture, and appearance. 

Just be sure to reduce or add some salt if you want to achieve the exact same flavor you want as halloumi. Considering the fact that halloumi is mild, then you may want to recreate the same flavor profile by adjusting the saltiness. 

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